Let me know how I can help you reach your audience... and make a good impression while you're at it.


    You only get one chance to make a first impression, so why not make it a good one.


    It's one thing to design it, it's another thing to implement it into something that's useful. I care about the whole process - from vision to fruition.


    Who are you trying to reach? What's the "call to action"? I care about results.


    Chapel Hill Bible Church

    Communications Director, 2017 - Present


    Responsible for branding, communications, promotions, marketing, advertising, social media, graphic design, web development, oversight of audio/video production, and database management.

    Bethel Church of Houston

    Creative Director, 2008 - 2016


    Responsible for worship planning and leading, branding, communications, promotions, advertising, graphic design, web development, audio/video production, and database management.

    Colin | Creative (Freelance)

    2007 - Present


    Studio for branding, marketing, design, photography, audio/video production & web development/marketing.

    Element Fusion

    2007 - 2008


    Responsible for corporate development in the Southwest region of the U.S., service/product evangelism, e-Branding & e-marketing consultation.

    Whiteboard Labs

    2006 - 2007


    Development of business partnerships with interest in web design/development & rich internet application (RIA) development


    A compilation of recent video work. To see all of my video work, find me on Vimeo.

    VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Laura Clark's "Call to Missions" Testimonial

    A Bethel project in which I sat down with Laura for 20 minutes to tell the story of her call to missions in Italy.

    VIDEO PROMOTIONAL: Houston Chamber Choir Appeal

    Contracted by Houston Chamber Choir to produce a video appeal to be used at an upcoming fundraiser.

    VIDEO PERFORMANCE: Houston Chamber Choir - 'Mata del Anima Sola'

    Contracted by the Houston Chamber Choir to film their "Todos Unidos" concert in February 2014 with the purpose of producing a music video of each piece performed. The final videos are uploaded to their YouTube account and then shared through social media and email mediums to their fanbase.

    VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT: Bethel Kids... on the Christmas Story

    A comical video produced for Christmas to highlight kids answers to common Christmas story questions.

    VIDEO PROMOTIONAL: Bethel Biblical Counseling

    A video produced for the membership of Bethel Church of Houston to recruit/train new biblical counselors.

    VIDEO DRAMA: Bethel VBS - Carmen & Diego

    As Creative Director at Bethel, I have the opportunity to try my hand at many different things. In this case, I dreamed up a vision for a daily video at Bethel Vacation Bible School (5 days) with two puppets, Carmen & Diego, traveling around the world to tell the kids all that they had experienced in their travels.


    I wrote a total of 7 scripts (with Robbyn Smith, Children's Ministry Director), recorded the audio (my voice as Diego), added audio effects, puppeteered Carmen/Diego on green screen (my hand as Diego), added video backgrounds and effects, and then produced/distributed the videos to all VBS kids and parents daily as well as shown during the morning assembly time to over 400 children.


    To view all of the video dramas, click here.

    VIDEO PROMOTIONAL: Trinity Classical School House System

    Contracted by Trinity Classical School to produce a video regarding their new house system for 6th grade and up. 

    VIDEO PROMOTIONAL: Circle of Fifths

    Contracted by the Houston Chamber Choir, Ars Lyrica Houston, Da Camera, Mercury & ROCO to promote their concert sampler series for young professionals.